David new mediumThis site is about A Course in Miracles, a contemporary, pure non-dual spiritual practice stated in Christian language. I have taught classes in the Course for the last four decades in the Research Triangle, North Carolina, home to the oldest continuous Course community in the world.

While I have worked with hundreds of people in classes and individually, I have avoided publicizing my teaching, choosing to work only with those who heard of my classes. This was both a desire to avoid self-promotion as well as knowing that there were already many public teachers. Finally I have always felt that I was still learning both the Course and how to teach.

Over the past couple of years however, seeing videos and websites sent to me by students, past and present, I began to see a pattern of the Course’s teaching on perception, central to its message, often being minimized in favor of focusing on the more spiritually familiar (yet equally central) topics of forgiveness, judgment, guilt, attack, relationship, etc.

This is not surprising, as the Course’s, as well as the traditional non-dual view of perception, is highly counter-intuitive, difficult to communicate, and even harder to internalize (and often seems to be simply a means to introduce or explain the Course’s focus on forgiveness).

However, there is at least twice as much material in the Course on perception and its related issues (projection, illusion, vision, the Real World, etc.) as there is on forgiveness and its corollaries (judgment, guilt, attack, special relationships, atonement, etc.).

Further, the perception related issues, though found throughout the Course, are heavily focused in the early sections of both the Text and the Workbook, with strong admonitions early in both the Text and the Workbook introduction, to pay special attention to learning this early material.

The nature of perception and how it creates and supports a false sense of separation is a central focus of the way I teach. Drawing from my own early teachers in Eastern non-dual and Christian Mystical traditions, as well as my formal education and later research in the cognitive science of human perception, I have, over the years evolved some unique conceptual strategies and visual tools for explaining how and why so much of the Course’s teaching rests on training us to “shift our perception.”

This site then, is my first open offering of the classes and seminars I have made available locally. The site also includes a blog, and an essay section where I will post previous material I have written on the course for my students, and future material which may arise as a result of responses to this site. I also include links to other teachers, sites, books and other materials that have proven useful, to which I will be continually adding new material.

This Course will not “awaken” or “enlighten” you. Neither will any other path, practice or teacher. The Truth is always, already the case. You are already that which you seek. You wait but for yourself.

The great non-dual teacher, Nisargardatta described the problem as a case of “mistaken identity.” One major barrier is our misunderstanding of the very nature of perception, which supports our misperception of ourselves and the world. The course walks us through a “shift in perception,” which allows us to perceive what it calls “the Real World,” or “True Perception.” This too will not awaken us, but as a friend of mine (also one of the “awakened”) put it, we become more “accessible to Grace” – the Grace that does awaken!”

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