Having worked for so long with small groups of individuals, I have had little need to write books or even essays about the Course. When you have a choice, direct interaction is best. But seeing that these words are going out over the internet, I have to order them and type them out, rather than just have them flow because of the uniqueness of your interactive presence. I have though, from time to time, written short papers for myself, to help remember a focus I wanted to bring to classes, or an effective way of stating something that had arisen in class or my own life.

Because shifting perception is so central to the way I teach the course, I was asked, some years ago, to write something on it. It ended up as a little 16K word booklet called simply, A Course in Miracles and the Shift in Perception. I printed up a limited number and circulated to students and locally. Since the whole booklet is a bit much to read on-line in one sitting, I’m going to break it up into a series of natural interlinked essays. This will also give me some time to turn a few of my written “seed thoughts” into new essays. We’ll see where it might lead from there.

The first Essay is also the menu item – About the Course

Second Essay- The Paradox at the Heart of the Spiritual Search

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