In addition to my local classes, I also offer traveling seminars. As with my classes, while they focus on a specific aspect of the Course, I always use the topic to illuminate the Course’s essential principles. Below is a series of topics from previous seminars.  Over time, I will be adding to this list and will consider creating a seminar around a unique topic. The length of the event is flexible, from a basic presentation of three hours to an entire weekend.

While clarifying the concepts of the Course aids communication about it, my principle focus is to draw your attention to your present moment of experience, questioning your assumptions about what is actually happening, and its relationship to your thoughts, beliefs and entire worldview.

Though my teaching is rooted in A Course in Miracles, I also draw on insights from a number of non-dual traditions and teachers and awakened teachers and Christian mystics with whom I have studied with or have known, and a variety of material from a number of disciplines that help to illuminate the Course.

In all my seminars, I bring a number of experiential demonstrations drawn from my work in the cognitive science of perception and the technologies of virtual reality. These include a variety of optical illusions, techniques of stage magic, and other perceptual experiences that effectively demonstrate the mind’s creation of what you simply seem to be seeing in the “external” world.

These are three of my favorite seminar topics:

You Are Not the Dreamer, You Are the Dream”

Radical Insights into the heart of daily spiritual practice distilled from forty years teaching and learning A Course in Miracles. Including material drawn from the study of the world’s non-dual traditions as well as talks with awakened individuals met along the way.

Learning to See the Real World”

Our perception of the world is a projection deeply rooted in our sense of separation, denying the oneness of reality and seeing an illusionary world of separation – the source of all our suffering. True forgiveness is a Shift in Perception, undermining the false sense of separation. The final Awakening to our True Nature cannot be taught or learned, only recognized or remembered, but learning to see the Real World makes us accessible to the Grace that leads to Awakening. We will explore the practices that lead to this Shift.

Forgiveness is a Shift in Perception”

Forgiveness is the key to happiness. It shifts our perception from the world of separation to the Real World, which reflects the oneness of reality, where forgiveness is perceived as always merited. But our perception seems to show us a separate world outside the mind. The Course says, “If the world were truly outside the mind, True Forgiveness would be impossible.” In this third seminar/workshop, we’ll learn how seeing through our false understanding of the perception of an outside world overcomes one of the more persistent barriers to True Forgiveness.

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