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What People Say About David’s Classes and Seminars

 “David Beaver is one of the most gifted and engaging speakers that I have ever met. His experience as a cognitive researcher and as a Course in Miracles teacher and facilitator, make David a unique and compelling speaker who challenges as well as entertains his audience. Response to David’s afternoon Work Shop at Unity of Charlottesville September 6th, 2014 was extremely positive and most complimentary. We look forward to having him back again sometime in the near future.”

Sincerely, Terry Atwater, President of “The Foundation for the Study And Application of A Course in Miracles,” Charlottesville, VA. 


“David Beaver is simply one of the most compelling and fascinating speakers I have ever seen. He has spoken, participated in panel discussions and led seminars for the Miracles Community here many times over the years, always to a packed house. Always entertaining, he’s intelligent and insightful, explaining the Course in ways everyone can relate to and understand. We all love learning from someone smarter than we are – that’s David Beaver.”

 Kemp Ward, President of the Janis Foundation for A Course in Miracles, Research Triangle, North Carolina


 “We were privileged to host David Beaver as a guest speaker at Unity of Charlottesville’s Sunday morning worship service this past September.  When we consider the range, depth and potential of human consciousness, it seems to us as vast as the vastness of outer space.  David’s presentation was a brilliant, informative, entertaining, and inspiring bridge between subjective and objective science.  He deftly navigated the profound teachings of A Course in Miracles, with empirical information from this fascinating work with space exploration.  We highly recommend David as a guest speaker.”

 Rev. Don Lansky, Co-Minister, Unity of Charlottesville, Charlottesville, VA


 “David has always been a seeker of Truth and likes to dig deep. He brings a combination of expertise and training in the fields of theology, religion and cognitive science along with his knowledge and vast experience as a student and teacher of ACIM to his students. He uses ALL his gifts and tools to facilitate an experience of learning and understanding the course in ways that can be applied to the situations happening in our daily lives.”  

“His ease in relating the principles of the course and his gentle, loving nature make him an excellent speaker and teacher for those who just want an introduction to ACIM, or are beginning students or lifetime students. David has a way of tailoring his classes to what is most needed in any given class or circumstance.”  

“He encourages open and honest discussions, whether it’s to express difficulty in applying ACIM to a specific situation or to disagree with one of the course’s principles. Whether you’re considering attending a one day workshop or becoming a student of ACIM, you will find it to be time well spent.”

 Unity Church of the Triangle, Raleigh, North Carolina


 “I began my study of A Course in Miracles in 2004. I was a little wary of its claim to be “a course in mind training” which I equated with “brain washing”. I certainly didn’t want a teacher or guru that would do just that, so the first year I decided I would read it cover to cover by myself without any outside influences.” 

My experience was cathartic and healing, the opposite of what I had feared. I discovered the “mind training” it spoke of dealt with discovering and releasing the misperceptions and beliefs I had overlearned by living in a society designed to keep duality and separation “real”. I cried as I allowed wounds deep within me that I had stuffed and long forgotten, to rise to be released once and for all. I would sit, read, sip coffee and cry for much of that year.  

Nowhere in my reading did I find it attempting to “control me or brain wash me”. It DID however, lovingly and gently invite me to consider that the excessive self-talk, judgments of self and others, my perceptions of EVERYTHING, just might be the cause of my suffering and that if I CHOOSE to be WILLING to allow a different perspective, a kinder more expansive and inclusive one to enter into my thinking that perhaps I’d find my chaotic and insane life a little more peaceful, loving and kind. 

Enter David Beaver, who is one of the very first students of ACIM when it was still a loose leaf transcript before it was ever published. Like many in this first ever study group of ACIM, he felt a “shift” and was compelled to facilitate study groups of his own. This was around 1977-78 and he has been faithfully teaching ACIM every Monday night at UCT ever since to the delight of many students who have also found ACIM to be their path.

 I attended David’s Monday night class for over 6 years and attribute much of my understanding and comprehension of its principles to David’s expertise as a gifted and knowledgeable teacher.

 Enjoy the journey, Mona Garrett, Unity Church of the Triangle, Raleigh, North Carolina


8 thoughts on “What People Say”

  1. David is one of the most brilliant and dedicated men I know. I admire his tenacity and deep inner conviction. He inspires me on many levels, especially in regard to the Course. I am honored to know him.
    Pam Trottman

    1. Pam,
      You consistently added value to every class you were in. I just run my mouth and encourage folks to do the lessons. After seeing how you live your life, your caring for others, to say nothing of your doing and sharing The Work of Byron Katie, among other great works, it is I who am honored.
      Peace, David

  2. Hey David- This website is thrilling. So happy you took the plunge. I meant to include my last name on my post about you. Can you add it please? Pam Trottman

  3. What a fine website! There is so much wisdom here, so many topics, interwoven as seamlessly as in real life. What at first seems to be a vast array of ideas turns out to be a vast array of perspectives on a single idea. Thank you David Beaver! I will come back again and again to snack when I’m in need of nourishment.

    1. Hey Jer,
      As I said elsewhere on this page, I’m just now getting back to the blog after months immersed in the Overview Project. So if you came back for a snack I hope you haven’t starved! :). And you my friend have also been a source of much wisdom for which I give great thanks. Indeed, if you hadn’t “dragged” me to the PRF, I might not have found the Course. Many thanks.


    1. Hey Mel,
      See below for my mea culpa for being away from the blog for so long. As for being a “gem of a human being” I can only say, “there’s no accounting for taste!” But I thank you for many fascinating conversations and sharing of info an insights, and I look forward to future collaborations.


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